• Outside with wide ribs and closed shoulder for vehicle responsiveness and cornering performance. Inside with wide grooves and high sipe density for brakinq, acceleration andwet/snow evacuation
  • Jointless “0” degree spiral nylon cover and wide steel belts for high driving safety, comfort and durability
  • Jointless mono strand bead wire and hard bead filler strengthen the link between tire and rim for precise driving experience.
  • High-grip silica tread compound delivers exceptional braking and handling in wet and dry conditions.
  • The walls of the outside rib carved with small channels to reduce driving noise.
  • 5-variable pitch alignment for a quiet.


  • Technology used to reduce tyre noise.
  • Decreased tread block rigidity efficiently reduces the noise between the tread and the road surface to increase driving comfort.
  • Four longitudinal grooves and wide draining design provide brilliant drainage performance and maneuverability.
  • Silicon formula improves road grip.
  • Big block pattern design improves tyre rigidity.
  • Multi arc tread design provides superior maneuverability.


  • Unique carbon polymer composite efficiently improves the traction capability and reduces the rolling resistance.
  • Asymmetric tread design with tiny internal pattern for better road grip and external big block for maximizing ground contact.
  • Special tread design brings greater lateral rigidity and longitudinal flexibility.
  • The optimal distribution of the tread pattern blocks and grooves archives optimum balance of control, giving low noise and driving comfort.
  • Long mileage and driving comfort.